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Minneapolis BAC Test Attorney

In the state of Minnesota, it is illegal to consume alcohol in excess of .08%. However if you are driving under the influence, it is very possible to be arrested for DWI even when your BAC level is much lower than the legal limit. Police officers are allowed to exercise discretion in judging if a driver seems to be impaired by drugs or alcohol.

There are three types of BAC tests: breath, blood, and urine.

Breath tests are most often given at the scene of traffic stops to quickly determine if a driver is under the influence. Using a breathalyzer, the police officer will ask you to breathe into the device that will measure the approximate percentage of alcohol in your breath. Breath tests are commonly contested in DWI trials because breathalyzers can give faulty readings. Some people are not even medically eligible for breath tests if they have certain diagnosed medical conditions.

Our Minneapolis DWI Lawyer Can Challenge Your Test Results

Blood tests are more scientifically accurate, however these test results can be challenged and even thrown out of evidence too if not taken while following certain procedures. Urine tests are the least common, but are still administered on occasion.

Even if your BAC level reading is above the legal limit in any of these three tests, your DWI arrest does not have to result in a DWI conviction. Contact us here at the law office of the Minneapolis DWI Attorney today for an immediate consultation about your case.