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Minneapolis Misdemeanor Crime Lawyer

Misdemeanors are the lowest category of crime prosecuted in court. Most misdemeanor convictions don’t result in more than fines and jail alternative sentences, however if you have been charged with a misdemeanor crime, it is important that you consult with an attorney.

Many misdemeanor crimes have mandatory minimum laws, which require jail sentences for certain types of crimes, such as those involving drugs.

In the state of Minnesota, a misdemeanor crime could be:

Our Minneapolis DWI Attorney Will Protect Your Rights

Most misdemeanors are punished with probation, community service, rehabilitation programs, and fines. But even if a misdemeanor sentence does not include jail time, it will result in other consequences such as a public criminal record.

At The Law Office of Minneapolis DWI Attorney, our criminal defense in Minneapolis will do everything possible to provide you with a successful outcome to your case. We will review all evidence against you and collect as much evidence as possible in your favor. You can rest assured that the Minneapolis DWI Attorney will protect your rights.

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