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Minneapolis Juvenile Crime Lawyer

Many people believe juvenile crimes are of minor consequence since they are handled in a special court focusing on reform, rather than punishment. In reality though, these procedures can be just as serious as adult criminal convictions and may even affect minors more because they have so much more of their life left in front of them. A criminal record could hurt a teen's chances of entering a good college or finding a suitable career after high school. Without the help of a top Minneapolis juvenile crimes attorney, your son or daughter may have a greatly diminished future due to a relatively minor and ignorant act.

If the crime is serious enough, children can be charged as adults. The punishments for these charges can be very grave and may completely destroy your child's chances of future successes. The result can often be a downward spiral as the young convict sees a life of crime as the only way to make money and do well given his or her situation. In these cases, a Minneapolis criminal lawyer can be essential in trying to help prevent your child from becoming a career criminal.

In the juvenile court system, things operate in a much different manner than the adult courts. It is of the utmost importance that your child's Minneapolis juvenile crime attorney has experience operating in this context. Aside from the largely dissimilar penalties, one of the biggest differences between adult courts and their juvenile counterparts is the absolute lack of a jury. All juvenile trials are held before a judge only. Some of the most common penalties faced by minor offenders are sentences in detention facilities, behavior counseling, probation, community service and fines.

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If your son or daughter has been charged with a juvenile crime, it is critical you speak with a skilled criminal lawyer as soon as possible. Please call The Law Office of Minneapolis DWI Attorney, as soon as you learn that your child has been charged with a crime. Our crime defense in Minneapolis is well-versed in juvenile crimes and we are prepared to defend minors accused of all nature of offenses, including: