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Minneapolis DWI Attorney

Minneapolis Theft Crimes Lawyer

If you are convicted of theft, you will not only face criminal penalties, but also the social stigmatization that comes with the crime. People who learn of your past may immediately question your trustworthiness, making it exceedingly difficult for you to find suitable housing or employment. If you have been charged with any type of theft crime, it is crucial you immediately contact a skilled Minneapolis criminal lawyer who can help you fight these accusations.

Theft crimes come in all shapes and sizes and carry an array of punishments depending on how much the stolen property was worth. At The Law Office of Minneapolis DWI Attorney, our skilled team has helped clients fight all varieties of theft crimes. A Minneapolis theft crimes attorney from our offices can help you fight charges of:

In some of these cases, you may have been arrested by a civilian or security officer. If this applies to you, your Minneapolis criminal lawyer may be able to find violations of your rights that will help you prevent certain aspects of evidence from being entered on the record.

In all situations, the prosecution must also prove that you had the intent to steal. If you were walking in a grocery store and put an item in your pocket with the intent to pay at the register, you may be able to fight the charges of theft if you offered to pay for the item as soon as you were arrested.

Whatever the specifics of your theft charges, your Minneapolis criminal attorney can help you fight the accusations and help you prove your innocence or at least have the charges reduced. If you have any questions, please call our offices today.