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Field Sobriety Testing In A Minneapolis DWI

If you were pulled over on the side of the road on suspicion of DWI, the police officer more than likely asked you to submit to DWI field sobriety testing.

These tests are basically silly physical and cognitive tests to test your sobriety.  The results of the tests are often used as evidence against clients in court, however our Minneapolis DWI Attorneys have regularly refuted such so-called evidence in court.

Field sobriety tests include: 

Despite how silly these tests may seem, prosecutors will use your “failing” of one of these tests to convict your for DWI and tarnish your criminal record. 

Be that as it may, there are many issues with these tests.  In the case of the One Leg Stand Test for instance, the accuracy of the results depends heavily on the driver’s physical fitness, weather conditions, road conditions, as well as other external factors.  

Failing the One Leg Stand Test does not prove your level of intoxication above the legal limit.  Failing the One Leg Stand Test could just mean that you were tired or out of shape.  If you failed any type of field sobriety test, you will need an experienced attorney to prove your innocence on your behalf. 

Drunk driving charges in Minneapolis can have a devastating impact on your life, not to mention your family and loved ones. You don’t have to suffer for the rest of your life just for one mistake. One of our Minneapolis DWI defense attorneys will gladly listen to your situation and provide you with legal advice.

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