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Minneapolis White Collar Crimes Lawyer

White collar crimes can take away more than just your freedom, they can take away your livelihood, your reputation, your connections, your income, your friendships and more. These crimes are devastating for the people charged and for their families. Don’t gamble with your white collar crimes defense, contact a skilled Minneapolis criminal attorney at our Law Office today.

"White collar" is a broad term that covers a wide array of crimes. Every Minneapolis criminal lawyer in our firm has previously defended criminals facing charges of:

Our Defense Lawyer Has Extensive Experience

These types of crimes are extremely complex, both for the prosecution and the defense. If you lose your case, you may be subject to extensive fines, lengthy probation periods, prison time and forfeiture of much of your personal property. For these reasons and more, it is so critical that your Minneapolis criminal attorney not only understand the ins and outs of these laws, but also have hands-on experience defending clients from these charges.

If you are being charged with a crime of this nature, it is crucial that you immediately contact a skilled Minneapolis criminal lawyer. Our firm has successfully defended many other clients facing the same charges as you. Don’t take chances on your defense, call our offices today.