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Minneapolis Violent Crimes Attorney

Because violent crimes always involve a physical victim, the trials for these crimes tend to involve some of the most biased juries in the entire justice system. It's not the fault of the juror; after all, the average human response to seeing an injured person or a grieving family is empathy. Unfortunately, this makes violent crime trials notoriously hard for the defense team. As a result, it is crucial to have a top Minneapolis criminal attorney at your side when you are facing accusations of this kind.

Our Criminal Lawyer Can Help

When you are accused of a violent crime, you may be worried about the consequences you may face. After all, penalties for these charges are generally fairly severe and often involve long prison terms, probation and expensive fines. For certain violent crimes in Minnesota, you may even face the death penalty. Fortunately, your Minneapolis violent crimes lawyer is here to help you understand the possible sentences you may face, comfort you during this difficult time and, most importantly, help you fight the charges.

At The Law Office of Minneapolis DWI Attorney, our criminal defense in Minneapolis will do everything possible to provide you with a successful outcome to your case. We will review all evidence against you and collect as much evidence as possible in your favor. Upon evaluating the relative weight of the evidence, we will help you decide to prove you innocence in court, negotiate a winning plea bargain or fight to have the charges dropped all together. Whatever action we decide to take in your case, your Minneapolis violent crimes attorney will help you with the full extent of his abilities.

Successful Violent Crime Defense

Violent crimes we have successfully defended in the past include: