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Minneapolis DWI Attorney

Why Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing a drunk driving or traffic related criminal charge, the benefits of consulting with an experienced criminal defense lawyer are plentiful. An experienced criminal defense attorney can inform you of your legal rights, identify important pretrial issues, and bring appropriate motions which can improve the outcome of your case. In order to benefit, you must act immediately and contact Minneapolis DWI defense lawyer.

Unlike civil law, which only involves private party lawsuits, Minneapolis DWI defense attorney has the experience to represent clients who are being prosecuted by the state of Minnesota for acts of crime. Crimes can be generally classified as:

The standard of a criminal law case are much higher than the civil standards, and requires a skilled criminal defense attorney to fight for a defendant’s exculpation. If the defendant is found guilty, an experienced criminal lawyer can appeal in your behalf and challenge the ruling that took place in your case.

Minneapolis DWI lawyer has successfully negotiated and litigated both misdemeanor and felony drunk driving and traffic related crimes throughout his 34 years of service. He will meticulously prepare your case and aggressively represent you in court. He is a true advocate to his clients and is committed to obtaining optimum results.

Contact A Criminal Attorney From Our Law

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